You’re either tired, stressed or distressed, which is why you

It not that you not connected to the internet without the ISP router. Your public IP is a part of the internet. Your router at home, forwards your traffic to its destination of last resort (this is the default gateway, and this is the default route for all home routers), which happens to be your ISP.

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moncler sale outlet (2) This is a subreddit dedicated to the undergraduate and transfer admissions process. Keep discussion on topic. Spam (any off topic and low quality post), solicitations, me posts, or other cheap moncler off topic posts are subject to removal here. Got out at 8520, for all the reasons already listed here, and because I need to lock profits to survive more chop.I probably jump back into a long if RSI cools off, wherever that is. If we don break through the bottom of the new ascending wedge, that looks like a nice place to get back in. But I also get back in after some sideways action, and try not to let the previous sell point at 8520 affect that decision.I was actually pissed off at the green candle though, and it was a meh trade, because my position size was started with half of what I been starting with on all the other short lived trades I made in this chop. moncler sale outlet

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