From my perch in the dining room

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cheap jordans in china After the news hit, I remember everyone taking their Lehman labeled things. I still have some old envelopes with the name on them. Everyone was watching It Always Sunny in Philadelphia on their computers. (Brushed concrete floors look nice, but do nothing to absorb the clatter of a Saturday night.)Gravitas is in the site of a former tomato cannery in Ivy City. (Deb Lindsey/For The Washington Post)Big spender/patient diner alert: A recently introduced, two seat chef’s counter, facing the open kitchen and served by the chef owner, extends the format to 15 courses for $240. From my perch in the dining room, I caught bits of the whimsy, and recalled that Baker did a tour of duty seven years ago at the celebrated Minibar by Jos Andrs.Part of me can’t wait to sample the long parade of dishes. cheap jordans in china

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