“A small amount of crime and disorder along with community

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Hermes Handbags Replica How police tackled a surge in travellers in Cambridgeshire villagesHere is where travellers have pitched upTravellers also took up residence at Cambridge University’s swish new housing development, Eddington. A group showed up on the university owned land off Madingley Road hermes belt replica uk just over two weeks ago with around 20 vehicles.Travellers face eviction from village recreation areaA group of travellers arrived in Godmanchester on October 3 on Judith’s Field and a parish council is still seeking ways to prevent travellers driving onto their village recreation ground.An emergency meeting hermes birkin 35 replica of Stapleford Parish Council was held after about 40 families of travellers arrived at the village recreation ground on hermes replica Friday, August 11 with the last caravan leaving two days later on Sunday afternoon (August 13) after an replica hermes eviction notice was served.’Build a mound’: Stapleford is still trying to find hermes kelly bag replica ways to keep travellers off its recreation groundNow a report to village policing panels has outlined how police dealt with the issues.It said: “Also over the hermes birkin bag replica summer period our area has experienced a number of problems in several villages with large groups of people in caravans setting up camp sites in public spaces around Fulbourn, Papworth, Cambourne and the Shelford areas.”A small amount of crime and disorder along with community disruption has been reported as a result aaa replica bags of these camp sites.”The Constabulary have to use a high threshold to evoke Section 61 powers high quality hermes replica of the Crime and Disorder Act to effect replica hermes oran sandals an immediate removal of unlawful encampments. Often this action results high quality replica hermes belt in people leaving the area without further police involvement Hermes Handbags Replica.

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